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heaven 17 for the masses

ah was thinking about putting up some mp3's every now & then...songs that aren't readily available. unfortunately, mah cd's are a mess so ah cun't be arsed to search right now. however, ah do still have some stuff on mah cumputer, so ah thought ah'd be nice & upload a couple o' things.

first up we have 'Penthouse & Pavement [razormaid mix]' . razormaid use to [still does?] nifty lil remixes of new wave, synthpop & dance songs in the 80's. unfortunately, that's all ah know o' razormaid. anyhoo, this is a fab song, as you well know. dance music that you cun't actually dance to. that's what ah lurved about heaven 17. well, that and their politics and their pretention.

next up is a song bah goldpeople & glenn gregory called 'music don't stop [extended mix]'. actually, ah think this song is actually for sale, so if ya like it, ya may as well buy it. glenn could probably do with the extra money anyhoo. glenn's voice sounds lurvely as usual and every time ah hear it ah wanna dance.

for more info on how he came to be involved in it, visit

maybe ah'll upload a heaven 17 or human league video next time. but which one?
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