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on the telly & the radio

heaven 17 were on gmtv last week, but their website doesn't have any clips up yet. they chatted with the hosts & lip-synched to temptation.

glenn gregory was on tom robinson's show yesterday. heaven 17 are re-releasing their first 3 cd's, totally remastered with bonus tracks. the dvd is due in october, but only in pal format. :~~( ah cry emo tears.
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hands up to heaven

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the dignity of labour...not just a coolness font

this is a fun lil recording, but probably only for the hardcore human league/heaven 17/ fast product fan or collector. 'flexi disc' is in fact a 7'' flexi disc that was included with 'the dignity of labour' ep the human league released. the original purpose of the flexi disc was to explain what the sleeve of 'the dignity of labour' ep was suppose to be. what it ended up being was a discussion between the band members and their manager/label owner bob last, about what to put on the flexi disc. fret not tho sugahs, cuz at the end, phil does actually give a brief explanation of what the sleeve is about.

if yer having trouble figuring out what is being said, blind youth has a transcript of it on his site.
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video list update

here's an updated list o' videos that ah have uploaded to you tube. just click on the name to watch a video:

Heaven 17 - Come Live With Me

Heaven 17 - This Is Mine

Heaven 17 - Let Me Go

Blur - Girls & Boys [dance remix]

The Human League - Circus Of Death

The Human League - Rock 'n' Roll [TOTP]

The Human League - The Path Of Least Resistance

The Human League - Being Boiled [Live Granada TV 1978]

The Human League - Empire State Human

ah have more of mah cumputer, but ah dunno when ah'll get round to putting them up, but some pretty english boys are better than none, aye?
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even more heaven 17 fun

if anyone wants to see some old heaven 17 & human league videos, go here:

heaven 17 - this is mine

heaven 17 - let me go

the human league - being boiled [live on granada tv, 1978]

also, the boys [minus ian, of course], were interviewed on radio 2 today. you can listen to it here:

their interview starts about an hour twenty minutes into the show.

also, a [very] short clip of heaven 17 on totp with temptation [ah would kill for the whole clip]:

ah know ah'm a ian marsh fangirl but bloody hell glenn looks good...

of course, you can always go to and see more clips
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heaven 17 for the masses

ah was thinking about putting up some mp3's every now & then...songs that aren't readily available. unfortunately, mah cd's are a mess so ah cun't be arsed to search right now. however, ah do still have some stuff on mah cumputer, so ah thought ah'd be nice & upload a couple o' things.

first up we have 'Penthouse & Pavement [razormaid mix]' . razormaid use to [still does?] nifty lil remixes of new wave, synthpop & dance songs in the 80's. unfortunately, that's all ah know o' razormaid. anyhoo, this is a fab song, as you well know. dance music that you cun't actually dance to. that's what ah lurved about heaven 17. well, that and their politics and their pretention.

next up is a song bah goldpeople & glenn gregory called 'music don't stop [extended mix]'. actually, ah think this song is actually for sale, so if ya like it, ya may as well buy it. glenn could probably do with the extra money anyhoo. glenn's voice sounds lurvely as usual and every time ah hear it ah wanna dance.

for more info on how he came to be involved in it, visit

maybe ah'll upload a heaven 17 or human league video next time. but which one?
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