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hands up to heaven

good news this week...heaven 17 are back on the charts. #42 on the dance charts, bitches. maybe they'll play some dates in the usa?

HEAVEN 17 MUST HAVE SENT YOU: It was exactly 25 years ago this week that electronic-pop-dance trio Heaven 17 made its debut on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart, with the controversial single "(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thing." Just in time to celebrate their silver anniversary, the three original members of Heaven 17 return to the Club Play list this week, debuting at No. 42 with "Hands Up to Heaven" (Ninthwave), from the new album "Before After."

Heaven 17, composed of Glenn Gregory, Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware, had a healthy run on the Club Play chart, with nine entries between 1981 and 1987. Then the band, a spin-off of the British Electric Foundation, which was spun off from the Human League, didn't chart again until 1993, when a remix of "Penthouse and Pavement" went to No. 26. "Hands Up to Heaven" is the trio's first appearance on the Club Play tally since the "Penthouse" remix charted 13 years ago.

Heaven 17's highest-ranked title to date is "Let Me Go," No. 4 in 1983, followed by "Contenders," No. 6 in 1987.
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